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Zygmunt Rytka

      The current photographic exhibition at the FF Gallery, entitled "Registration Techniques and the Plasticism of Photography", includes works of artists who interpret the process of generating a photographic image in different ways, starting from the classic approach to this problem, represented by the works of Professor Aleksander Błoński, through the realizations on the border of photography and graphics by Professor Rosław Szaybo, to the installations of Professor Grzegorz Kowalski. This selection of works was supposed to make the audience aware of what a wide-ranging medium photography is - although it always uses a single picture as the basic element of expression in its language.
      And it is precisely the way this basic element - a single picture - is modified, the means by which it is created and the form in which it is finally presented that determines the relation of the artist to the space he describes - its elements, systems and tensions between them. It is this technology of registration that forms the grammar of the language of photography and allows for its always new "utterances" as well as for the further evolution of the medium which has been describing our reality for about a hundred and fifty years now, evolving constantly and being a catalyser of the experience of those who wish to invest their emotions in photography.


dr Prot Jarnuszkiewicz

Mariusz D±browski
Magdalena Joanna Chudzicka
Katarzyna Stanny
Rosław Szaybo
Tomasz Myjak
Prot Jarnuszkiewicz
Aleksander Błoński

Exhibition organized as part of an
"Art Promotion"

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